Chocolate Frosting #1

Chocolate Frosting #1

Interesting frosting recipe.  I have never done frosting with olive oil but it seems like it would not be as fattening as using butter, so try it and see if you like it.

-Sweet Mama Janisse


For 12 Serving(s) ()


  • 8 ounce(s) semisweet chocolate squares
  • 2 tablespoon(s) light olive oil

Chocolate Frosting #1 Directions

  1. In the top pan of a double boiler placed over gently boiling water, melt chocolate.
  2. Slowly add oil, stirring until mixture is blended and of a consistency that can be poured.
  3. NOTES : Yield: 1 cup.

Nutrition facts

(vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free)