Sweet Mama Janisse's Bless My Soul Catering Company


Mama At Work

Bless My Soul Catering has provided food service in Humboldt County 
since1996 serving weddings, 
private parties, University and Government gatherings,
Chamber Events and Movie Location shoots.

Hollywood’s favorite soul food caterer for 20 years.
Many of Hollywood’s finest actors athletes and Musical stars enjoyed  
Marie's fine unique styled cuisine. 
Selected as one of the first choices by the major production companies  
from New York, Chicago and Hollywood.
Serving countless thousands of the great stars and crew members of the  

She created and collected a massive inventory of Creole and Cajun influenced
 entrees. Leading to a fusion style of Louisiana meets California.
many original sauces and entree variations unique in the world of food.
Some of these Free Soul Food and Southern recipes are available here for  
you to use and enjoy. The great sauces, unique and traditional, labeled 
Sweet Mama Janise’s Brand, have won over 26 first place awards in only  
a few years.

As one of the top caterers in Hollywood small productions Bless My Soul Catering worked with many interesting and famous people. Some of the friends made over the years are Martin Sheen, Jerry Seinfeld, BB King, Taj Mahal, Della Reese, Magic Johnson, George Harrison, For many years in Hollywood we please actors directors and their elite crew. 

The Mayor and the city of Los Angeles loved Bless My Soul Catering, hired to cater major parties serving political dignitaries, as well as events
 attended by over a hundreds of  thousand fans. 
As the host serving meals and green room hor de oeuvres 
to the hundreds of artists their entourage and honored guests.

For more information please visit http://blessmysoulcafe.com.